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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Snipsly Review -google adsense revenue sharing

Snipsly is a google adsense revenue sharing site which shares 80% of google adsense impressions with its users. Snipsly is a new site but already it has managed to obtain a pagerank of 2 and an Alexa Rank of under 60 000.

Creating a snipsly account is easy and after registering you are free to upload content via the wordpress platform. Each post should be at least 3 lines long and you can use snipsly to link to your online articles, blogs to help build pagerank and affiliate products. You can even add videos to your Snipsly posts and you can follow updates from Snipsly on Twitter.

My experience of Snipsly so far has been a good one. I have noticed a few dollars from the small number of posts I have done with Snipsly as well as traffic to several of my blogs, and squidoo lenses. In order to track your google adsense earnings from Snisply make sure you add to your google adsense channels.

Snipsly does not offer a referral scheme, but I think the 80% google adsense share is good enough. Who knows in a few years Snipsly may be ready to tackle Xomba!

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