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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Why every freelance writer should use twitter

Twitter is one of the best social networks out there and is extremely advantageous to a freelance writer for so many different reasons. Let me consider how twitter can help you as a freelance writer.

1) If you write an article for a paid to view site and you get paid for each pageview then you can benefit massively from twitter. However be cautious not to spam your links. It is best to write a small statement about your article and to enter in a keyword so that any followers that are interested in this keyword may read your article. The earning potential is unlimited. If you have 1000 followers interested in an article which pays 1 cent per pageview then you can have $10 just for posting one link. Gain more followers and write more articles and you could be earning tens of dollars daily.

2) By getting your freelance writing out there someone else may really like your article, and retweet it to their followers, thus increasing your earnings more, or even better may display a link to your article on their website. Going one step further you may even be offered a high paying freelance writing job if someone likes your style of writing. This may seem like a long shot but I have heard of several people getting writing gigs through twitter.

3) Similarly if your have a website and you share your website entries then someone may add your site to their site helping to increase your pagerank and traffic. This can only help your google adsense and affiliate sales. If you display a cpm network like adsdaq on your blog and you receive a good deal of US traffic then you will see some earnings too in your adsdaq account.

Remember do not spam twitter and add quality articles and postings that will appeal to your followers. If you think one of your followers would like something someone else has posted in theit twitter feed then retweet it. There is nothing better than helping a follower share their work and knowledge.

I have to apologise for lack of activity on this blog and lack of earnings updates. This is because things have not changed that much for me. I will update writing earnings soon.

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