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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Battle of freelance writing sites - Helium v triond v Associated Content

Which freelance writing site is best? Do you prefer Helium over Associated Content? Or is Triond your favourite? One of the ways I compare freelance writing sites is by how much money they pay.

Based on this fact I investigate and calculate my earnings at Helium, Associated Content and Triond. Associated Content and Triond have paid me between $10-$14 in 2009. Not very much at all. I did abandon my freelance writing at both these sites at a stage but I do have over 30 articles on each so would expect greater earnings. Now to Helium, where I had just over 100 articles in 2009. My Helium earnings were much greater than both AC and Triond combined last year as in 2009 I earned around $291. For some freelance writers this is buttons but since I abandoned Helium for a short time I am pleased.

My next step is to earn a four figure income in one year for my freelance writing at Helium. I will still continue with Triond simply because they now offer to pay through adsense on top of page view payments and referral income and occasionally I do get google adsense earnings from Triond.

Aims for this year are to get $50 in one months ad revenue from Helium as well as at least $1000 from upfronts, writing contests, marketplace and stock content. At the beginning of last year I was getting less than $8 dollars a month and now as of today I averaged 85 cents. My Helium balance for this month so far is $11.93, that is made up of $3 from December upfronts, and the other $8.93 is ad revenue.

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Fresh Writing said...

Hm...In all honesty guy I'm working on which to stay with...I've tried helium, and that's great, but you don't crank in dough unless you know how to win the writing contests. As for AC, it's just a notch above Triond in my book. You may slightly more dinero, but it's just not worth the consistent effort unless you're one of the top 10.

Triond...not that much fun. I don't think Triond understands that it's definitely not a democracy. More than half its writers never get noticed. It's only ones like Stickman or the name of this one female writer that was in its "distinguished category" for months that get hits CONSISTENTLY.

If you're looking for a good leg up, try nichebot. It's actually not a scam. It has the website that makes it look like a scam. But I have yet to contract a nasty virus! I use it to maximize articles that otherwise don't get noticed.

Have you tried Bukisa? I can send you a referral link if you like:

Earn three times as much as Triond...It might tempt you. :)

My email, by the way, is me know if you have any questions or if you're interested!

Kind regards,

-Fresh Writing