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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Squidoo Money- what I earned in Squidoo Royalties in January 2010

I have been on Squidoo for a while now but do not really create that many new lenses. Instead I have decided to focus on Hubpages and increase my google adsense income for the time being. In saying this I cannot knock Squidoo as lenses I created months ago are still earning me some money.

My squidoo earnings for November 2009, paid in January 2010 were $3.59. I have set my minimum squidoo payout at $1 so that I get a payment every month. I love squidoo earnings because they go into your paypal account. I love saving paypal funds for treats or to buy more premium savings bonds. Investment is the way to a richer future.

The breakdown of my squidoo earnings are as follows, first figure after brackets will represent Adsense and Glam Ad revenue, whereas second will be Infolinks :-

Olly Murs $3.06 (Tier 2 lens $2.49,$0.64)
Manchester United $0.15 (Tier 3 lens $0.12, $0.03)
Cristiano Ronaldo $0.15 (Tier 3 lens $0.12, $0.03
Neobux $0.15 (Tier 3 lens $0.12, $0.03)
Earning money from writing $0.03 (Tier 3 Infolinks only $0.03)
The best google adsense sharing sites $0.03 (Tier 3 Infolinks only $0.03)

If you were lucky enough to have a Tier 1 lens, that is a lens in the top 2000 you would have earned $14.63 in adsense and glam ad revenue and $3.77 for Infolinks, making a total of $18.40 for a Tier 1 lens.

The adsense revenue and infolinks revenue are increasing on a monthly basis meaning lensmasters are getting more squidoo money each month. How much did Squidoo pay you this month?

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