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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

September Earnings Report- what i earned in August

Its the beginning of September and as the summer draws to a close it is time for me to detail how much I earned in August. I will keep this short and sweet.

Adsdaq - $8.71 an improvement on July's earnings. Trying to get up to $10 this month

Triond - 55 cents. I no longer write at Triond

Helium - $15.07. I no longer write at Helium. I may write there in the future but for the moment I am very busy with google adsense and my collection of blogs.

Google Adsense Earnings - £228.69 ($369.67)
Here is a breakdown on what is earning me my google adsense revenue

Webanswers - £109.71

Xomba - £83.32

Infobarrel - £2.88 Not bad considering I wrote 10 articles at the beginning of August, and have only been approved for 3 weeks. I plan to use infobarrel much more in the future to build up page rank of my blogs. The great thing about Infobarrel is that it allows do follow links in your articles and I have noticed some blog traffic coming from my articles.

Hubpages - £0.82 A site which I have not fully exploited, and one which I plan to use for increasing page rank and backlinks to my blog also. Hubpages has an amazing traffic rank and ranks very well in search engines.

The rest of my google adsense revenue and earnings came from my blogs

Total amount earned in August was $394.

I am pleased even though it is down from last month. However I do expect September to top both July and August's earnings

1 comment:

Mz. Eb. said...

I agree. I think you've done beautifully well in August regardless of the previous months.

I wish you oodles of Adsense joy this month.

take care...